1 day for the base course,
2 days for advanced training.

attendance capacity

Maximum of 8 trainees per trainer

This course is also available through our online training platform

Do you know what would be classed as a confined space? Or what to do when you are in one?

This course covers what a confined space is, what it is defined as, the types there are along with the hazards and possible causes of death in a confined space. It discusses the environment where a confined space can be found and things such as open tops, small hatchways and tank like spaces.

This course also covers hazardous atmospheres including toxic substances, corrosive and asphyxiating atmospheres. Some Hazardous Atmospheres can be flammable and can have significantly low oxygen levels which could cause serious harm. Learning how to identify and test for a Hazardous Atmosphere will ensure the safety of the worker entering that workspace.

As well as learning about Confined Spaces and Hazardous Atmospheres, you will learn about hazard controls and how to eliminate, isolate and minimise the risk factors. You will also learn about the Entrant, Permit Issuer, Attendant and Permit Receiver and what their duties are. Along with the above, the course covers much more in-depth information around equipment, monitoring and emergency procedures when dealing with a Confined Space.