3-4 Hours

attendance capacity

Maximum of 15 trainees per trainer

This course is also available through our online training platform

Do you have a trained Emergency Warden at your work? Would you know what to do if a gas leak or chemical spill occurred? Our Emergency Warden course covers all types of emergencies that could possibly happen in your workplace.

Emergencies such as:​

  • Natural Disasters
  • Chemical Spills and Gas Leaks
  • Bomb Threats and Suspicious Packages
  • Violent Intruder
  • Trespasser
  • Missing Person
  • Serious Injury/Death
  • Aggressive People
  • Fire

It covers all the procedures a Head and Deputy Warden will need to go through as well as Evacuation and Lock-down procedures. This course also includes information on things such as operating instructions for alarms, instructions on fire suppression equipment if a fire was to break out and much, much more.