Half Day

attendance capacity

Maximum of 15 trainees per trainer

This course is also available through our online training platform

The Fire Suppression course offers great information around how to suppress a fire whether it be with an extinguisher, a fire blanket or even fire hose reel. The training course has tested and proven methods/examples to learn from. The course can be completed online or face to face. The online course includes demonstrations via video and audio to ensure the student gets a good understanding of Fire Suppression and how it is done. The face to face course on the other hand, includes a practical session where the students can suppress a fire with an extinguisher in a controlled environment.

Our Fire Simulator:

  • Safe and environmentally friendly (LPG fired)
  • Fully mobile so we can come to you
  • No noise, disruption or danger to surrounding areas
  • Allows staff/students to actually use and feel a fire extinguisher on a live fire
  • Staff/Students can visually see how a fire behaves and what heat is released
  • A multitude of props to simulate different fire & evacuation situations

We believe having your staff trained in fire safety ensures all staff feel confident around fire situations allowing them to work in a safer environment and ultimately it can assist in saving lives and property.

fire simulator