Half Day

attendance capacity

Maximum of 15 trainees per trainer

This course is also available through our online training platform

If an emergency or fire was to occur in your workplace, would you know what to do?

We offer Fire Warden training both online and face-2-face. Being a Fire Warden in an office or building is a very serious job. Not knowing what to do in a situation could cause harm to people and property. Our Fire Warden training covers all aspects of being a warden, including topics such as:

  • Basic Fire Training
  • Head Warden Duties
  • Deputy Warden Duties
  • Evacuation Responsibilities and Training (both real and trial)
  • Warden Identification
  • R.A.C.E.
fire wardens

The course explains in detail the importance of the Head and Deputy Warden duties. The responsibilities a warden has when an emergency occurs can save lives and ensure the safety of all people that are in the building. Knowing where the exits are, having a roster of staff members to tick off and wearing the correct identification will help ensure a safe and smooth evacuation from the building.