Four Wheel Drive & Quad Bike


1 – 2 days – depending on the experience of the trainees

attendance capacity

Maximum of 8 trainees per trainer


Trainees must hold a current Full Class 1 license

This course is aimed at ensuring four wheel drive or quad bike operators can understand and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attributes for all essential areas covered under the full “best practice” guidelines for four wheel drive operation in the workplace. This includes being able to drive a four wheel drive over varied terrain safely, effectively and responsibly. Driving techniques that minimise negative impact upon the environment are encouraged.

The course includes a combination of theory and practical sessions including the following features:

  • Operating a 4WD vehicle in an off-road situation
  • Safety requirements
  • Driver ability and awareness and passenger safety
  • Vehicle designs and operating systems including current vehicle technology
  • Preparing a vehicle for use – including pre-start
    and shutdown
  • Hazard identification and safety assessment
    specific to terrain
  • Terrain formation and composition recognition including driving techniques to utilise
  • Recovery from a stall while climbing
  • Stability dynamics
  • Water crossings
  • Negotiating uneven terrain, hill ascents, descents, traverse driving, and related difficulties
  • Understanding vehicle movement utilising traction, momentum, gravity and centrifugal force combinations
  • Explain driving hazards and risk reduction strategies, techniques and responses to driving hazards
  • Introduction to winching and towing using ropes, strops and snatch
  • Introduction to recovery techniques and equipment
  • Introduction to towing trailers both on and off-road including towing of loads
  • Introduction to defensive driving and driver awareness