1/2 Day – Refresher
1 Day – Base Course
2 Days – Advanced

attendance capacity

Maximum of 8 trainees per trainer


If you wish to, you can bring your own harness

This course is also available through our online training platform

This course is aimed at ensuring people working at heights can understand and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and attributes for all essential areas covered under the full “best practice” guidelines in the workplace. This course outlines the importance of risk management and hazard identification, the different restraint and fall arrest systems, anchorage techniques, and different types of height work.

The course includes a combination of theory and practical sessions, including the following features:

  • Learn about systems of fall protection
  • Health & Safety
  • Employer and worker responsibilities
  • Environment, pre-use and workplace checks
  • PPE requirements
  • Fall arrest and restraint techniques
  • Rope methods