A Millennial Learns About: Our Online Training

millennial online training

Earlier today, I was just restfully seated in front of my computer while relishing my coffee to my hearts’ content, inside an ambient and comfortable room. And after just an hour and a half of walking through an entertaining workbook of informative videos and short written materials online… voila! I am now an “Emergency Warden Training” certificate holder, thanks to Training 4 Safety’s online training system!

Online Training: YES! IT’S THAT EASY!

Honestly, I never thought that studying could be that easy, especially when you’re trying to learn things that could save many lives, including yours. It just took me less than two hours to complete a single workbook online. All I had was a computer (also compatible with laptops, tablets, and mobile phones), a good internet connection, and full attention to the material. Yep, it’s that easy!


When I say EASY, I don’t just mean easy for me, rather, it’s easy for EVERYONE, including you. The workbook has audio snips, videos, and written material that aids any type of learner. No matter what type of learner you are, auditory, visual, or verbal, the workbook will be perfectly understandable for you.

What? You are not any of those? Kinesthetic huh? Don’t worry, I got you covered. Whether you are the kinesthetic type who needs to demonstrate things in order to fully understand, or a certificate holder who just wants to fortify your online training-harvested-knowledge, you can always enrol to the Training 4 Safety Face-2-Face training. Check it out!


Each workbook takes approximately one to two-and-a-half (1-2 ½) hours to complete depending on your pacing, but you know, what is 30 minutes more for a life-saving learning right?

The workbooks are formatted very well, with contents written in short paragraphs, and arranged in an organized manner. In other words, it’s not eye-straining. The informational videos attached are also relatively short (30 seconds – 2 mins) – lots of info compressed in a 2-minute video.


The courses are not just informative, but fun as well. They contain mini-games which you can interact with to absorb the information in a fun fashion. It’s like learning while having fun all at the same time 😉


Got to work on weekdays and rest on weekends? No worries, the Training 4 Safety online training is available 24/7. You don’t have to compromise your time for your friends and family to get trained.

For employers, you get to see which employees took the training, who has completed or failed, and much more. And the best part is that your employees don’t have to be taken out of work, because again, it’s accessible 24/7.


Though it sounded very easy, the quality of the training still exceeds the standards as all courses are extensively researched and thoroughly vetted by industry professionals. This ensures they meet regulations and are relevant to what the student is required to learn.

Also, trainees must score at least 95% to get a certification which means that, as employers, you’ll get a certain level of security, with the knowledge that your employees know how to maintain safety in the workplace and how to respond to emergency situations, such as a fire or chemical spills.

If you wish to know more about Training 4 Safety and their other services, press the alarm today!

Contact Training 4 Safety today to register for training, or take a look at the demo course which shows a little sneak-peek of what’s on offer in their online training!