2 Hours – Refresher
1/2 Day – Advanced course

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Maximum of 15 trainees per trainer

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Did you know that around 150,000 workplaces use Hazardous Substances? And that it is also estimated that between 500-800 New Zealanders die from occupational illness every year? Leaning about Spill Control and how to contain a chemical spill helps save lives! This course outlines the importance of choosing a specific spill kit for your requirements, how to clean up a spill on different surfaces, what items to use when cleaning up the spill and key points to remember.

Some of the main causes of leaks and spills are poor storage and handling techniques, corroded containers or containers punctured by mechanical equipment. There is a range of possible different chemicals that could be inside the containers which could include acids, disinfectants, glues, pesticides, petroleum products etc. Having a Spill Kit on site and having the correct spill kit will ensure the chemical spill is contained and appropriate measures taken to clean up the spill are taken.

spill control

With different spill containment methods, there are multiple ways to be able to contain and remove a chemical spill. Within this course you will also learn about signage, what are the requirements around how many spill kits you may need, the importance of protecting the environment and where spill kits should be situated within your workplace.