Summer Safety Video Series – 2021/22

Summer Safety Series Cover

Welcome to the first video in our 21/22 Summer Safety Series!

Environmental Awareness

As restrictions around the country ease, being aware of the environment around you, particularly on the roads, is vital to keep you and those around you safe.

Fire Safety

We talk about this pretty often, but that’s because it never gets any less important! Being fire safe can save lives, so make sure you listen to Mike’s guidance in this video!

Travel Safety

In this video, Mike talks about the things to keep in mind when you’re out and about on the roads.

Safety Mindset

What is a safety mindset? Make sure to watch this video to learn what a safety mindset is, why it is important and why we need one.

Remember: Processes

Even if you’re working at home over the Summer break, working on those projects you’ve been putting off over the busy year, don’t forget to follow the recommended processes for working safely!

DIY & Tool Safety

When working with your power tools at home, make sure you follow the recommended safety procedures.

Talk With Your Kids

Want to know how to teach your kids to be safe and what do in a fire situation or while playing at home? Make sure you watch this video!

Returning to Work

As we head back to work after the Summer break, there’s a few things to keep in mind. Hear Mike’s advice on how to return back to work safely.

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