Our company operates all Northland Z Sites from Porowini Avenue to Kaitaia. Here at Z Northland, we are extremely focused on staff safety and knowledge. We look to train and develop our staff on various things. Fire safety training is one of the many things that every Z Employee needs to have. So, when we were going to book a training provider - we chose Training 4 Safety. We have previously used Training 4 Safety about 5 years ago and had a really decent experience. These days Training 4 Safety have expanded as a business itself and their new venue has some state of the art facilities. We booked multiple training sessions including a session for Far North staff. It was really convenient to have 'Training 4 Safety' staff travel to our Far North venue and conduct a session. They have really experienced staff who definitely know what they are doing. Moreover, Mike is a real good spokesperson for his business. Every time we have bumped into each other he has been very welcoming and has always let me know about the new facilities and Training programs available. We will definitely be using 'Training 4 Safety' again in future.
Zubair A.
Z Energy - Stage 3 Ltd