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Here at Training 4 Safety, we specialise in competency-based training methods which focuses on teaching you practical, hands-on knowledge, which is perfect delivered as a refresher or as a first time training.

We believe that training should be tailor-made and delivered after deciding what the specific needs are for the people and companies they are working with. Our training focuses on competency-based methods.

Competency-based training ensures the trainee is truly ready to go out into the workplace, and confident in the fact they have had practical training by experienced trainers. It insists learners demonstrate their abilities to carry out defined and specific skills that relate directly to key health and safety objectives, ultimately keeping people safe. This learning method allows a student to learn the individual skills they find challenging at their own pace, practicing and refining as much as they like.

Competency-based safety training is also more effective because it isn’t limited to a written test or choosing which statements are correct. Learners can perform various tasks and simulations to demonstrate familiarity with the material, or help them to recognise what would be expected of them in their real work environment.


If you do a safety training course such as Mobile Elevated Work Platform, Heights, or First Aid, depending on the course, at some point you will need to do a refresher. Refresher Training is often shorter and more compact, and it helps keep you up-to-date and upskilled, especially if the industry has changed since your last training.



At Training 4 Safety, we are proud to offer high-class, industry vetted training at an ISO 9001 standard. We can do refreshers for training you have done in the past, or offer new training to ensure you are competent.



If you have completed a Safety Training course in the past where you achieved Unit Standards, you will need to get that refreshed. Once you have those Unit Standards, you do not need to keep repeating them, so our Competency-Based Training is the perfect way to stay up-to-date.

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