A trainer showing three trainees how to safely climb scaffolding during Heights Training
In Person Training & Facility

In Person Training

Face-to-Face Training

Our face-to-face training is built on our real-world, outcomes based, industry-tailored training methodology. We provide this training through our own facilities and on-site.

We use real world equipment and training scenarios in a safe testing environment. We have also further enhanced our training impact through the addition of augmented reality technology (VR), which allows us to put the trainees in a scenario that may be difficult to recreate in the real world including firefighting scenarios using FLAIM technology.

Three people in fire fighting equipment learning how to safely put out a fire

The Training Process

All our face-to-face courses include an interactive theory session with props and a PowerPoint presentation, as well as a practical session. We provide a printed reference document that trainees can keep and use within their workplace.

Once the trainee has completed the theory and practical session, they are presented with a certificate stating they have passed the specific course. These certificates are valid for 24 months, at which time trainees are due for refresher training. In medium to high risk industries, we recommend that refresher training be carried out every 12 months.

For our non-fire related courses, we use props that allow trainees to have hands-on experience with the tools and explore the situations they could be in. For our fire-based courses, we use the Live Fire Simulator which offers trainees a chance to be interactive and use a fire extinguisher in a real fire situation.

Our Fire Simulator:

Northland Training Centre

We have a state-of-the-art training space, where theoretical and practical training can take place. The space consists of a training room which can be divided into two smaller rooms. These rooms are the base for the theoretical courses and seminars.

The training spaces have a variety of amenities, including Wi-Fi, smart screen, wide-screen TVs, sound system, sound proof walls, modern technology, white-boards, tea, coffee, bathrooms (including a disabled bathroom).

These spaces give us the opportunity to deliver more engaging training methods, with the use of real equipment, scenarios, and environments.

Fully Equipped

We use a covered outdoor area for further practical training, and a fire training system. This can be used to simulate real-life emergency events, such as a fire, missing person, or dangerous intruder, and are similar to what fire-fighters use in their own training.

Our training spaces have been set up with all the accompanying equipment, including specialist training vehicles (quads, forklift, etc.), heights training gear, breathing apparatus, and fully networked training room media.

Our facilities include a heights/climbing frame, a below-ground confined space tank, a 3-level simulation structure, indoor instruction area, and our training theory rooms. There is also a training bay with a large, high-roofed area, where the practical classes will take place, such as heights, scaffolding and ladder safety.

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