Frequently Asked Questions


General and Public Training

Where can I view upcoming course dates?

You can view them right here.

How often do you run your Public Courses?

We schedule them to run every month. Courses may get cancelled however.

What courses do you offer?

We offer a range of courses, including Heights Safety and Awareness, Elevated Work Platform, Confined Spaces, Fire Extinguisher and Fire Warden, Hot Works, and Permit Receiver and Issuer. You can view our full course catalogue here.

Do you do Unit Standards?

No, we do not offer Unit Standards on our courses. 

What is Competency-Based Training?

Our Competency-Based Training takes a much more practical approach than Unit Standard Training, encouraging learners to experience the training hands-on, rather than spending a lot of the training session on the written assessment and theory elements. This means we can tailor-make our training to suit our client's needs. This style of training meets WorkSafe and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015 requirements for training. Trainees receive a certificate stating that they have been competently trained after successful completion of training. Wallet-style ID cards can be provided upon request at an additional cost. 

Will your training cover what I need to know?

Yes, we cover everything that you will need to know to be able to work safely in what you are being trained in.

Do you have any information on what Competency-Based Training is?

Please download our Company Information here, which has a section about Competency-Based Training.

Do you offer refresher training?

We don't offer Refresher Training as public courses, but our public courses can be used as both refresher or first-time training sessions. We can offer Refresher Training for Private, Company-Specific bookings.

How many people can fit on a public course?

We can fit up to 10 for the more practical-based training and 15 for the more classroom-based training.

What is the minimum number required for a public course to run?

The minimum number to run a full-day course is four.

If I don't show up to training, will I still have to pay?

Yes, if you are a no-show or you don't give us enough warning of a training cancellation, the full amount for the training will be due/won't be refunded. You can read our cancellation policy here.

My business is looking at using you for all of our training, can we pay 20th of the following?

Yes, if you fill out our account application form and return both sides to us at registration@training4safety.co.nz we can set you up in our accounts for payment to be due 20th of the following month.

How often will we need refresher training?

We recommend refresher training every two years for medium-low risk industries and every year for high risk.


What does STCW mean?

Standards of Training and Certification for Watchkeepers.

Do you have any Upcoming Refresher dates?

Do you have any Full courses coming up?

Yes, you can view these here.

When I do the full course, will I need to do a refresher in the future?

Yes, Personal Survival Techniques and Fire Prevention and Fire Fighting will need to be refreshed every five years. First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities, and Security Awareness do not need to be refreshed.

I did the full course but my certificate is now expired, do I have to do the full courses again or can I still do the refresher?

If your certificate has expired, you will need to do the full course again. You may be able to get an exemption from Maritime NZ. You will need to get in touch with them yourself to apply for an exemption.

Do you do Advanced Fire Fighting, Crowd Management or Seacraft Survival?

At this stage no, we are only delivering the STCW Basic Full Course and Refreshers. We are looking at adding these other courses in the future however.

My medical certificate is expired, can I still do the training?

We need a current medical certificate, it cannot be expired. You can use an ENG1, a PADI’s Medical Certificate, a medical certificate from an approved Maritime NZ Practitioner, or you can use the medical form included in our enrolment pack and take it to a GP.

What other information do you need from us to carry out the Full Course?

We need a copy of your passport or driver’s licence, an enrolment form and a medical certificate.

What information do you need for the Refresher?

We need a copy of your passport or driver’s licence, an enrolment form and a medical certificate. We also need copies of your past STCW certificate and proof of sea service/hours or a letter from your captain.

How long do the courses go for?

The full course runs for seven days, only on weekdays. We do not run the training on weekends. The refreshers run for two days each, so four days all up if you are carrying out both refreshers.

How much is the training per person?

  • Full course: $1735 + GST
  • Personal Survival Techniques Refresher: $513 + GST
  • Fire Fighting and Fire Prevention Refresher: $761 + GST

Can I book the different sections of the full course separately?

Yes you can, please get in touch with us.

Do I have to pay by card when I register online?

No, this is just one option. Please select ‘on account’ as the payment method if you would prefer an invoice to be sent to you. This has our bank account number and also a link to pay via card. Payment is required prior to the course start.

What do I need to bring with me?

All the items you need to bring with you will be included in the enrolment pack. You can view a brief list here.

Do you have any accommodation options/suggestions?

Yes, please download the PDFs here.

Is food supplied?

No, catering is not available during the course. Please bring food with you, or money to purchase food as there is a lunch bar just a short walk away.