Questions about Competency-Based Training? Check this out!

Let’s talk about competency-based training – why we've chosen it and why it's different to other types of training out there.

Why Should you Choose Competency-Based Training?

We have done a lot of research, we’ve looked into legislative requirements, we’ve talked and engaged with a lot of industries, and it is our opinion that competency based training is here to stay, because it WORKS. It’s training towards an outcome and, ultimately, safety training is about keeping people safe.

What Does it Look Like?

That’s where competency-based training has so much to offer over other academic courses that are often about tick box exercises. Competency-based learning is looking at an outcome, teaching people to be safe, ensuring they know what they’re supposed to do to keep themselves and others safe.

It is about having specific training for you and your people. It's tailor-made, it's fit for purpose, and it's all about having a good outcome at the end, ultimately keeping people safe.

Not a Tick Box Exercise

In documentation available on their website, WorkSafe explains:

“…a person conducting a business or undertaking (PCBU) must ensure, so far as is reasonably practicable, the information, training, instruction and supervision provided to workers is suitable and adequate… Training should be tailored and fit for purpose – it should NOT be a tick in the box exercise.”

Training should not be a list of items that we just tick off as we go. It's what you need to keep you and your people safe. 

A World-Wide Shift 

World-wide, there has been a big shift away from larger style learning into microlearning and into compressed scenario-based, competency-based training. Our research, and in training over 1000 people, and engaging with many different organisations here in New Zealand, have all found that there are so many positives around competency-based training.

Does it Meet the Legal Requirements?

In our legislation, there is no prescriptive need to carry out unit standard training. There are recommendations but you can do competency-based training and meet all of your legislative requirements. But you, as the PCBU must do your own homework and ensure any training, whether it's from us or another organisation, is fit for your individual business, and also your people.

Our Difference

We have delivered both Unit Standard Training and Competency-Based Training, and we have developed a passion for Competency-Based Training which is why we choose to deliver this style of training. As WorkSafe states, training is not a tick in the box exercise, and everyone learns differently. With our Competency-Based Training, we have the freedom to deliver training to best suit each style of learner, whereas other training methods have set delivery methods that cannot be veered from, even if the learning styles of each trainee may require differing training techniques.

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