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We sincerely believe in partnership. And, to us, partnership means a business relationship - where we provide a consistently excellent service our clients can rely on. As a result, some of our client relationships span more than a decade.

Training 4 Safety has (and continues to) provide industry leading safety training for small, medium and large organisations in all industry sectors in Northland and across New Zealand. Our adaptable business style and client-tailored training methodology has seen us deliver staff safety training to the leading brands. We upskill our clients’ staff both at our training base in Whangārei and on-site when our clients’ needs require it.

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We deliver safety training for building crews in both the residential and commercial construction sectors. Construction presents an environment with inherent high risk elements, and we train staff to work safely in all construction areas, including builders, plumbers, electricians, roofers, scaffolders, HVAC, general contractors, crane operators, civil and earth-moving teams, and many many more trades.


This industry is highly specialized, and often includes work with tasks, machines, and materials that present significant safety risks to workers. Our training to this sector, for instance hot works, MEWP or confined spaces, is tailored to equip your staff with the knowledge, awareness and skills to work safely in this unique environment.

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Photo of Manufacturing sector training


We proudly deliver safety training to the full spectrum of manufacturing companies - small, medium and large. The production, warehousing and transport aspects of this industry all pose different safety risk elements that staff need to be trained to manage and respond to. Often we will include your company-specific SOPs in our training, which provides a good blend of legislative requirements, industry best practice and your own internal policies around worker safety.


Within the industrial sector, forestry has had a history of serious injury, which led to a great deal of attention, focus and initiative around safety training for forestry workers. We have delivered training to forestry companies and allied agencies at our centre in Whangārei, but most often this has been conducted in the field where the workers spend most of their time, and where the on-the-job risks are a reality. We are proud to be a part of the safety solutions to this particular sector in NZ.

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Photo of National and Local Government sector training

National and Local Government

We have delivered staff safety training to national and local government agencies since our very beginnings - local councils, district regional councils, DHBs, and national government agencies . We have trained hundreds of government employees, both those in the office and those out in the field, with the likes of permit to work training to emergency warden & fire suppression training, all the way through to 4x4 driver training.


Our delivery of safety training in Northland has always included a big contribution in the energy sector, with some of our energy client relationships spanning more than ten years. Our energy sector clients comprise both traditional energy companies, and increasingly also the newer sustainable energy companies. This industry understandably has work elements that are quite specific, and we will sometimes work with other subject matter experts to ensure workers get the general and specialist training they require to stay safe.

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Photo of Marine sector training


New Zealand has the 9th longest coastline in the world, and our marine industry is extremely well regarded the world over. Training 4 Safety is a member of NZ Marine Industry Association and is accredited by Maritime NZ to deliver the international STCW marine safety course. Apart from this ocean-specific course, we also provide safety training to land-based companies within the marine industry like marine engineers, boat builders, ports, marinas, ferries, commercial fishing operations, etc.


We have long standing relationships with education providers in the early childhood, primary, secondary and tertiary spaces. So much so, we created an ECE Emergency Warden course specifically to equip early childhood teachers and staff how best to deal with emergency situations like floods, fires, earthquakes, armed shooter, and more. We also provide online safety training courses to ECE providers all around the country, via our very own online learning platform.

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Photo of Healthcare sector training


Our safety training provision to the healthcare sector is geared around the staff at hospitals, resthomes and medical centres. As one would expect, the need to respond quickly and appropriately in an emergency in these settings is critical to protect the residents, patients and staff. We deliver a range of training courses to the healthcare sector, including emergency warden, fire suppression and safety, emergency evacuation and safety training around contractor management.


The infrastructure that supports the telecommunication industry is serviced by technicians and workers that conduct work with inherent risks like heights or heavy machinery. Our safety training to the telecommunications sector is aimed at these men and women of the supply and installation contractors that keep the service up and running.

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Photo of Automotive sector training


With the growing number of vehicles on the road, both private and commercial vehicles, the number of vehicle fitting, repair and maintenance businesses has
grown. And the workload for these teams is non-stop, especially in the commercial vehicle repair space. We typically provide heights, MEWP, fire suppression, spill control and forklift skills training to our automotive clients.


Much like the automotive sector, the transport industry in New Zealand is an extremely busy one, with drivers and transport staff working long hours and to tight deadlines We provide safety training to the staff of trucking, storage and logistics companies.

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Photo of Hospitality sector training


We deliver safety training to the staff in hotels, restaurants, cafe’s and bars. Our training to these clients typically includes fire safety and suppression, emergency evacuation training and drills, as well as de-escalation training for aggressive intruders.

Professional Services

Similar to the hospitality industry we also have clients in the professional services sector - legal offices, accounting firms, designers, etc. We provide safety training to the office-bound staff of these clients as preparedness for emergency scenarios like fire, flood, earthquakes or armed intrusion.

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Photo of Retail sector training


We also have small to large retail clients for whom we deliver staff safety training in the form of fire safety and suppression, emergency evacuation procedures and emergency warden training.

Multi-tenant, multi-use buildings

We do have clients that operate in a multi-tenant situation, where they share a larger premises with other businesses. In partnership with our sister company, Building & Fire Services, we not only deliver the building compliance expertise, but also the evacuation schemes, evacuation drills and staff safety training to the tenants in these shared premises scenarios.

Photo of Multi-tenant, multi-use buildings training