Tailor-Made Training, just for your Company!

You might not know that Training 4 Safety can create industry specific, tailor-made courses for your business! Whether you work in the forestry, construction, elderly care, or hospitality industry, Training 4 Safety can create a perfect course that is suitable for your workplace.


What’s even better is these courses can be completed online!

Online courses are provided to train you and your staff. Online courses have huge benefits as it is more of an effective way to easily train your staff. Not only is it cheaper and easier but your staff can complete the training anywhere, anytime, from any PC or mobile device, also meaning staff will not have to travel or take time off of work. These courses can be used as beginner courses or as a refresher course.

The course is suited to every kind of learner as each course has a workbook which consists of audio snips, videos and written materials. Once the course is completed with a minimum 95% pass rate a certificate Is awarded to the student. Support staff are provided to help with any technical difficulties which the student may come across to make your experience with us easy!


  1. It is efficient & fast: Gives you the ability to quickly communicate new policies and training to your team. Your employee’s results are tracked so you can see their results.

  2. Capacity & consistency: Ensures all of your staff receives the same training.

  3. Higher learning retention, with more than one way to learn it is easier for your staff to remember the content.

  4. E-learning saves time and money! Reduces time spent and cuts the cost of travel.

  5. Reduce your carbon footprint, no paper waste as it is all done electronically.

  6. Flexibility: Gives your employees the freedom to learn when and where they want, at their own pace.


Face-to-face courses are also available. These too can be tailored to suit your workplace. The face-to-face courses is interactive as the course provides a PowerPoint, displays and a work booklet. A practical is also provided which gives students more of an understanding, as this gives them a hands-on approach as the students can use a CO2 extinguisher and a fire hose reel. Our live fire simulator offers staff a chance to be interactive and uses a fire extinguisher on a real fire situation.

If you are interested in these industry-specific courses, contact us or give us a call on 09 430 0498.