Early Childhood Education Specific Emergency Warden Online Course

We are super excited to present one of our newest courses – ECE Industry Specific Emergency Warden course. We have worked very hard to ensure this course is interesting and fun as well as relatable and relevant for all teachers and staff. All our courses, including this one, have been thoroughly researched and vetted by industry professionals. This ensures the content within the course is exactly what you need to know.


Ask yourself, would you know what to do if an emergency situation occurred in your childcare centre? Dealing with not only children and parents, but other staff members can be extremely stressful when a situation occurs. With our ECE Industry Specific Emergency Warden course, you can prepare yourself and your staff. You will have the knowledge and tools to take action in any given emergency situation.


An emergency situation could be anything from a natural disaster, bomb threat, missing child, gas leak, suspicious package, or physical endangerment. We have identified what emergency situations would be relevant for childcare centres and the appropriate procedures to take when in that situation. All procedures within the course we provide ensures the safety of the teachers, staff, parents and children within the centre. An emergency situation could strike at any time. Being prepared for all types of emergencies is essential for everyone’s safety.


Our ECE online course is a great solution for teachers and staff who don’t want to be pulled out of work to complete a training session. Also, it is ideal for centres who have less staff. Our online training system is available 24/7 via any PC or mobile device with a good internet or mobile data connection. Within the online training course, there is a workbook with written material, audio snips and video content to make learning easier yet still effective. After the course, there is a quiz that needs to be taken. If the participant scores 95% or over, a certificate is awarded. This certificate can be downloaded and printed out to be put towards a professional development record. There is also a downloadable reference booklet that can be printed out and used within the workplace.


If online training though isn’t the solution for you, we do offer a face to face training option instead. We can come to your site* and present the course as well as answer any questions you may have. Within the face-to-face session, we go through a PowerPoint presentation, give demonstrations and examples to help make the training more relatable to your site and staff, as well as providing you with a printed reference booklet to keep and use. We tailor-make the course to your specific site regulations and requirements.


Every single childcare centre in New Zealand should complete regular evacuation drills. These are essential to practice evacuation to a safe place. Children need to know what is expected of them, so regular drills must be carried out. For example, during the drill, centres teach children to calmly form a line and walk towards the door. Emergency situations can be chaotic and any kind of panic will only worsen the situation. Practicing these drills regularly helps everyone learn their responsibility and teaches the children to be more confident. Lockdown procedures are just as important as evacuation procedures. A lockdown stops everyone moving from an area of lower risk to an area of higher risk. Knowing the different procedures to go through when the risk is outside of the building vs when the risk is inside of the building is essential to ensure the safety of the children, parents and other staff members.

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