Competency-Based Training

We believe that training should be tailor-made and delivered after deciding what the specific needs are for the people and companies they are working with. Our training focuses on competency-based methods. Competency-based training ensures the trainee is truly ready to go out into the workplace, and confident in the fact they have had practical training by experienced trainers. It insists learners demonstrate their abilities to carry out defined and specific skills that relate directly to key health and safety objectives, ultimately keeping people safe. This learning method allows a student to learn the individual skills they find challenging at their own pace, practicing and refining as much as they like. Competency-based safety training is also more effective because it isn’t limited to a written test or choosing which statements are correct. Learners can perform various tasks and simulations to demonstrate familiarity with the material, or help them to recognise what would be expected of them in their real work environment.

This competency-based training method applies to both online and face-to-face training. All courses that Training 4 Safety present face-to-face can be completed online. The online training system that they have created allows staff/students an alternative but still effective way of completing a specific course. The courses can be accessed once a login has been provided and the requested course has been selected. In each course, there are module books with videos, audio snips and written material to view. With these different presentation ways, it guarantees that all learning styles are covered and makes the course easier to understand. There is also a reference book for the student to download and keep. The courses have a quiz that the student must review and complete which will establish if the student has understood the course material. Once the quiz has been completed with a required 95% pass rate, a certificate is generated to state they have completed the course.