Your Home Smoke Detectors


Smoke detectors are a really critical item to have throughout your home because they become your eyes and ears if you're not around - and when you're asleep.

When we are asleep, we don't have a sense of smell and that’s when our smoke detectors are vital. But they must be located in a location that will protect you and your family while sleeping.

Where should smoke detectors go?

In a perfect world we'd like to see smoke detectors in all bedrooms and sleeping spaces, the exit ways leading from those bedrooms and other living areas like your lounge or rumpus rooms.

We don’t advise putting smoke protection in bathrooms, kitchens, or laundries because you will get false alarms in those areas.

However, in those areas where you can’t use a smoke detector you can use a heat detector to detect heat rather than smoke.

So why smoke detectors?

Simple. We all need an early detection method to alert us there is something going on. That way everyone in the house can be alerted and evacuated to safety.

What type of smoke detector?

There are numerous versions of smoke detectors but one of the most common we recommend is a photoelectric detector - ideally with a 10-year long life battery.

Regular checks are needed to ensure smoke detectors are reliable and in working order, we recommend regular checks of them. So every month or two it is worth checking these critical safety devices are going to work when you need them most.

How to maintain a smoke detector and prevent false alarms?

While you can’t usually clean inside a lot of domestic smoke detectors, it is a good idea to have a ring of fly spray or contact deterrent on the ceiling surrounding detectors to deter bugs and insects getting inside and causing false alarms.

Other causes of false alarms include dust built up, contaminants and particles floating around, candles, fumes, and strong cleaning products.

So please – get your smoke detectors in order by contacting us today