Plan for an Emergency at Home in Winter


As we start to spend much more time inside our home through the winter months, it is time to think of your household safety.

Have a Plan

In an emergency like fire, it is important to have a plan so you and your family can get out of our home quickly. That means you should keep exits clear and accessible.

More Risk With Older Homes

Sometimes in older homes in the winter months when it's colder and damper wooden joinery can expand and could cause windows to jam so you can’t open them. So make sure you open and close windows regularly to ensure they are working properly.

Don't Block Exits 

It is also important not to block exit ways with old mattresses or stacks of boxes, as this can hinder your ability to get out. It is also important not to hamper you escape by having to use a key code to open a door.

Involve Your Family

Make an escape plan with your family and make sure everyone knows how to unlock every door. You can make it a fun activity with your family, seeing who can escape the fastest, or who can create the coolest escape plan.

When You Get Outside, Remain Aware Of Other Hazards

And when you do get outside, be mindful of decks and pathways being slippery as you don’t want to create additional danger by injuring yourself hitting your head.

Online Training

If you would like to learn more about staying safe when it comes to fire, we recommend carrying out our Online Fire Warden and Fire Extinguisher courses. Although they are more aimed at businesses, there is some great information that applies to staying fire safe at home too.