We, at Building and Fire Services (2008) Limited and Training 4 Safety, commit ourselves to providing products and services that give complete satisfaction to customers. The company shall endeavour to deliver high-quality services on time at viable and sustainable prices through process management and continual improvement.

Our team has a genuine reputation for quality and reliability, so we strive to achieve growth and a leading position in the market by:

  • Providing consistent quality services to all our customers.
  • Complying with all applicable requirements and continually improving the effectiveness of the IMS by defining and achieving key quality objectives.
  • Creating teamwork and an innovative approach to the environment.
  • Consistently producing high-quality work by meeting specified requirements.
  • Building and maintaining strong client relationships. Ensuring all materials provided consistently meet specified requirements.
  • Ensuring subcontractors provide and produce high-quality work. Undertaking a handover review of new projects.
  • Having defined quality project management and implementation processes.
  • Having a strong commitment to safe work practices.
  • The company is committed to building on these strengths through quality systems and the company’s philosophy of nurturing and growing a team approach between the client, consultant, and contractor.
  • The processes we are developing and improving have a sound foundation for producing quality work and meeting clients’ expectations.
  • The future of Building and Fire Services (2008) Limited and Training 4 Safety depends on our continual performance and producing high-quality work, and the ongoing development of team members to ensure that quality, skills, and knowledge are collectively maintained and constantly improved upon.

Approved by Top Management on the 24th of July 2020

OH&S Policy

At Building and Fire Services (2008) Limited and Training 4 Safety, the OH&S of employees is our prime concern and an important business objective. We are conscious of our responsibility to create, maintain, and ensure safe work practices, reduce safety hazards, and promote safe work practices for sustainable development. We are committed to:

  • Preventing industrial risks and their adverse impact on employees.
  • Following safe work practices and continually improving the effectiveness of the system.
  • Eliminating hazards and reducing OH&S risks using hazard identification and risk assessment exercises.
  • Conserving natural resources by using them responsibly and efficiently in all our operations.
  • Complying with all applicable legal and any other requirements, and take additional measures as considered necessary.
  • Implementing and propagating the OH&S Policy through proper communication, active involvement, and participation of employees and people working for and on behalf of the organisation.
  • Preserving the health and safety of the site and its neighbourhood.
  • Making this policy available to the public.

All Supervisors/ Managers are personally accountable for:

  • Showing continual improvement in Health & Safety management through continual training.
  • All managers being reviewed on their performance against designated Health & Safety responsibilities.
  • Promoting the Health & Safety of the site through morning meetings and weekly toolbox meetings. They must clearly convey to all workers, in a simple language, any changes to the policy, any incidents or near misses identified or discussed at resource management meetings.

Approved by Top Management on the 24th of July 2020