Introducing Training 4 Safety's Cutting-Edge Simulator for Machinery Training in New Zealand


Enhancing Skills and Safety with our State-of-the-Art Simulator

Training 4 Safety is thrilled to share our new Vortex Edge Max Training Simulator, travelling all the way from CM Labs in Canada to Whangarei, Northland, is ready to be booked! Designed to cater specifically to those working with machinery and trades, forestry, roading and the like, or those in management positions seeking training for their team, this simulator offers an exceptional training experience. With its extensive range of modules and life-like controls, our simulator is revolutionising the way we acquire skills, improve safety, and enhance productivity.

Comprehensive Training Modules for Diverse Industries

Within our simulator, there are thirteen different modules that cover a wide range of industries. We understand the diverse needs of contractors and people working in sectors such as civil works, forestry, and crane operations, just to name a few. Therefore, our simulator provides tailored modules to meet those specific requirements.

In our civil package, trainees can engage with modules featuring bulldozers, graders, excavators, backhoes, and dump trucks. These modules offer a realistic experience, enabling trainees to operate the machinery efficiently and effectively. Whether it's honing existing skills or learning new ones, the simulator caters to all levels of expertise.

For those working in the forestry industry, we offer modules dedicated to the operation of machines such as grapples, forwarders, and harvesters. These modules simulate real-world scenarios, providing trainees with a safe and controlled environment to practice their skills. By training in a virtual setting, professionals can enhance their proficiency without the risk of damage or accidents associated with operating actual machinery.

Life-like and Intuitive Controls

You may be asking, "how life like are the controls?"  At Training 4 Safety, we are proud to share that our simulator has received excellent feedback from industry professionals and trainees alike. The controls are designed to closely emulate the modern types of machinery commonly found in the field, as well as older versions. This attention to detail ensures that trainees gain a truly immersive and authentic experience, preparing them for real-world challenges.

Versatility for Assessment, Training, and Up-skilling

The versatility of our simulator sets it apart from traditional training methods. It serves multiple purposes, making it an indispensable tool for professionals and organisations. Whether you require assessments to gauge skill levels, comprehensive training programs, or wish to up-skill your team, our simulator is the perfect solution.

Trainees can assess their abilities in a controlled environment, allowing them to identify areas for improvement. Through targeted training modules, they can then focus on enhancing their skills and addressing any knowledge gaps. Our simulator also offers an opportunity for up-skilling, enabling trainees to learn new techniques or adapt to industry advancements without the need for real machinery.

Experience the Simulator at Training 4 Safety

We invite you to visit Training 4 Safety and experience the groundbreaking simulator firsthand. Our team is excited to showcase the capabilities of this state-of-the-art training tool. By exploring the simulator, you can witness its life-like controls, realistic scenarios, and the advantages it brings to the table. Join us to embark on a journey of skill development and safety enhancement.

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