Motorbike Safety in Winter


Whether you ride motorbikes or scooters for recreation, a job or commuting to work take extra care and keep safety in mind this winter.

Being clearly visible to other road users is really important, so you want your tail light and headlights on at all times – even in daylight hours – and wear the correct riding gear.

Too many accidents happen that don’t need to which is why you need to be predictable.

When we change lanes in a car we often just indicate, wait for the right time, check and to. 

But with a motorbike you need to take that extra time and really make sure that people do see and ensure you actions are predictable. That means no sudden changes, watching for slippery surfaces like painted lines and always looking out for changes in road conditions.

Speed is another factor in accidents so slow down when it's wet, rainy and windy as those factors have a big effect you on a motorbike or a scooter.

Some days you are better to leave your motorbike or scooter at home and opt for a car, bus or taxi to be more visible.

It is all about doing what you can to protecting you, your family, children on their way to school, other motorists and roadside workers.