The Importance of Life Skills and Training for Youth

Youth are the Future

We live in a society that is ever-changing. In this modern world, the need for youth in various industries and for professional training to be learnt in school is growing.

Most industries are dominated by older generations, leaving little room for young people. It is important for companies to bring on new, younger employees so they can learn from these more experienced generations and continue the legacy they have left.

Job-Hunting Isn’t Easy

It is difficult for young people to find jobs, as most job opportunities these days require applicants to have years of experience. This can cause some young people to lose confidence and determination when job hunting, giving them less drive for success and initiative for becoming work-ready.

Anyone would find multiple unsuccessful job applications disheartening, and as an impressionable youth with a lack of experience, it can greatly affect confidence.

Does School Prepare Our Youth for the Work-Force?

Students coming out of secondary or tertiary education can still lack skills that make them more employable. They have spent years in school learning specific details about the plot of Pride and Prejudice and the algebraic formula for working out how many students are on a school bus but have failed to learn skills such as how to communicate with employers or dress appropriately in a business environment.

Our Life Skills and Success Training Module

Training 4 Safety has developed a course that young people, or anyone for that matter, can take to learn more skills to help them become work-ready!

The course covers a variety of topics such as:

  • Soft Skills
  • Time Management
  • Communication
  • Health and Safety
  • Hazards
  • First Aid
  • Fire Protocol

The online course is suitable for any learning style as it uses video, audio, and written lessons, and takes approximately an hour to complete. This course could be included in training packages or used as part of career seminars. We can also deliver it face-2-face to suit your needs.

We would love to give back to the community which is full of so many talented young people, so please contact us if you are interested in learning more about our Life, Skills & Success Training Module!